What Can On-Demand Webinars Be Used For?

on-demand webinar taking place on a laptop

Nowadays, on-demand webinars are really in trend as the organizers can grab more attention from the audiences for a longer time. It doesn’t require any extra effort at all from anyone. You can simply record your webinar and upload it on a separate platform.

Still, do you wonder how you can make the most of on-demand webinars?

Then this blog is for you.

6 Benefits of Conducting On-Demand Webinars!

6 Benefits that can be helpful in taking your online webinar to an on-demand version to make it stay for a long time are as follows:

Increase in Total Views When Brands Used the On-Demand Feature

You can create a great webinar platform with different content formats. Furthermore, your audience across the globe will be able to watch and enjoy the webinar. You can grab the attention of more people than usual. No matter if someone has the time or not for your live webinar, they will definitely come for the on-demand webinar.

Pause And Rewind Functions

All your audience can come to your on-demand platform and watch the complete videos without hassle. The best webinar platform offers recorded videos that help the audiences to pause and rewind as per their needs. Furthermore, they can pause the video if they have anything else to do and continue watching from where they have left. Also, they can rewind and watch the complete video again, from the start.

Review Information Attendees May Have Missed in The Live Event

Attendees who have already attended your event can also get great insight with your on-demand webinar. They can understand and review things and pointers that they have not in the live event. Furthermore, the interactive webinar platforms deliver a seamless experience to the audience as it is not limited to any time, schedule, or location. Anyone can access it anytime from anywhere without hassle.

Watch the Webinar on Their Own Time

An on-demand webinar doesn’t require any extra effort from the organizers or audience. All a user has to do is play and view the content as per convenience. Furthermore, on-demand live streaming services have made it easy to broaden your content’s reach and make it more accessible for a longer time.

Event Registrants Prefer to Watch the Recorded Video

As per research of Adobe, 55% of audiences around the world like to watch recorded videos rather than live events. The reason behind this choice can be the editing and effects in the recorded videos are better than in real-time. Furthermore, online webinar platforms are the best way to showcase your finest work and make the most of every session and speaker. In addition, an online event registration platform can improve the registration process. It reduces attendees’ efforts and time.

Archive Instruction Videos

You can create a separate category for quick and easy access to workplace employee training. Furthermore, the live webinar platform offers proper categorization for every section you want to create for your on-demand event. It can make your on-demand webinar a better place for the audiences to explore and get the right information with the right filter and grouping. Hence, you have to sort all the videos well to make different groups of every clip and upload them accordingly.

9 Features You Can Get At an On-Demand Webinar!

9 Features and functionalities that you can get with the best on-demand webinar services are as follows:

Scalable Content Delivery:

You can provide expandable and contractible content to your audience with the help of the best webinar services. Furthermore, you can create better data for your audience that they can access without hassle.

Dedicated Platform:

You can create a completely dedicated platform for your recorded videos of webinars. Furthermore, many organizations create a page or additional extension to their websites or other channels. However, you can also opt for a completely new platform for your webinar videos.

Custom Access Controls:

The organizers will get complete access to the event ticketing platform. You can decide whom to invite and who to restrict from your platform. Hence, you can create a paid or open on-demand platform where only the attendees who have the key can enter no one else. They even can not share the link with anyone or create a separate login from more than one device.

Maximum Security:

You can get live webinar software that will make your webinar and its recording safe and secure from all online threats. Hence, you can make a great buzz about your webinar content and get a 100% secure and protected space.


You can use the various spaces in your on-demand webinar platform to promote your and your sponsors’ brands. It can offer you a better opportunity to create a better ambiance and name in the audience.

Name Bands/Aston Bands:

You can include different bands to share about your sessions, speakers, topics, and other information. It is important that your attendees know and understand what they will get in the video and what they can expect. Hence, the online webinar services offer the name and Aston Band to the audiences. Furthermore, you can highlight all the data as session, topic, speakers, and more.


You can create a sense of urgency in the audience by adding different countdown timers to the different areas of your event. Furthermore, your audiences can know the limited time they have left and take action as soon as possible.

Transition Frame:

Every video needs a proper transition frame to make the webinar better and the video interesting. Hence, you can edit, trim, and create a video to upload on your on-demand webinar platform that can be helpful in attracting and engaging the audience better.

Third-Party Integration:

You can integrate any external app or software that can be helpful in boosting engagement, interaction, and networking opportunities in your event. Also, you can add some apps that can be helpful in taking easy payments for access to a paid version.

So, these are the various reasons you can conduct an on-demand webinar after a live webinar. It can change the complete experience for your brand and audiences. Furthermore, the most popular webinar platforms will offer you the best features and functionalities.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in embarking on the value of on-demand webinars and running a webinar online with a beneficial platform.