Solidity Programming Projects with Source Code

Looking for projects in Solidity programming along source code? Well, here is a list of some projects which are ideal for beginners to learn and practice their blockchain and web 3 skills.  

You may use Remix Browser IDE to test and play with the Solidity code (.sol files) if there isn’t any other source mentioned in the project. 

Do you have a great Solidity project which you’d like to showcase here? Well, we really appreciate contributions and would love to hear you out. Send us your GitHub Repository link through our Contact Page  so we can check it out.

Solidity Projects:

1. Basic Crypto Wallet

A smart contract for a cryptocurrency wallet with basic features like:

  1. Sending a transaction to a wallet
  2. Depositing
  3. Setting and changing fee percentage
  4. Setting and changing withdrawal limits
  5. Transferring ownership of the wallet
  6. Withdrawing
  7. Approving some other address to send transaction on your behalf
  8. Viewing balance, last withdraw, owner address

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