How to schedule WhatsApp messages on web

Schedule WhatsApp Messages
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With 2 billon active users around the world, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used instant messaging service. It provides tons of features but lacks to provide its users the ability to schedule WhatsApp messages. If someone wants to wish somebody on their birthday or send a reminder, scheduling helps a lot. It is particularly really helpful to those who use WhatsApp for promotions and marketing.

Thankfully, we can use a free web extension called BlueTicks from Chrome Store to schedule messages on WhatsApp web. It enables users to auto-send WhatsApp messages on a defined time. 

How to use BlueTicks

Follow these steps to schedule WhatsApp messages using BlueTicks:

  • Launch Chrome (or any other chromium based browser) and open Chrome Store.
  • Search for “Blueticks” extension or click here.
  • Add the extension.
BlueTicks - Add to Chrome
confirm blueticks addition

Now the BlueTicks extension would be added to your browser.

  • 4. The BlueTicks icon will appear in the extensions. Sign Up with your email (optional)
  • Open WhatsApp web. You will see added options at the top of your chat lists.
  • At the bottom right corner of each chat, you’ll see a clock icon. Click on that
  • The schedule window will appear. Here you can type the message and set the time when you want it to get delivered. Moreover, you can also recursively send your message for a set period of time or cancel your scheduled message if the other person texts you before your scheduled message is sent.
  • Your scheduled message will appear in your chat before it is sent. You can press the X button to cancel your message or change it using the edit button (the pen icon of the left).
scheduled messaged using blueticks