Lost SnapStreaks? Here’s how to get Streaks back on Snapchat

get streaks back on snapchat

With more than 330 million daily users, SnapChat is one of the most popular social media platforms used around the world. It provides a lot of great and exciting features. One of them is the ability to have Snap Streaks with other people. These SnapChat streak scores are represented by the number and fire emoji appearing in front of their names in the chat. Unfortunately, you might lose snap streaks due to inactivity from your or other person’s side. Good news is that these can be restored and we will tell you how to get streaks back.

How Snap Streaks Work

When you and a friend send Snaps to each other every 24 hours for three days in a row, you’ve started a Streak. A fire symbol will show next to that contact’s name, along with a count of how many days the Streak has lasted once you’ve done this.

You must send a Snap everyday (i.e., at least 1 snap within 24 hours) for the streak to continue. If the other person also does the same, then a streak will be validated.

Note that chats aren’t considered. Snaps sent via Memories or Snapchat Spectacles don’t work either. Video calls are also not included. Videos transmitted using the Snap feature, on the other hand, do. In simple words, you and the other person will have to record or capture something from SnapChat’s inbuilt camera and send it directly.

Also, keep in mind snap streaks are only accounted for when done with individual people, so sending them to whole group won’t account for any score. Plus, Snap stories also do not affect or create any streaks. 

Your Snapchat score is just the amount of days you and the other person have sent snaps regularly. The more snaps you send daily, the more overall snap score you’ll get. 

Your overall profile snap score can be found under your name in your profile.

snapchat profile showing snap score

Why You lost Your Snap Streaks

The most common and clear-cut reason for losing a Streak is if you or a friend just hadn’t sent a Snap in the last 24 hours. Another reason can be the connectivity issues which are often seen in SnapChat. Due to unstable or slow internet, there are chances that the snaps might have failed to be sent. In these cases, SnapChat does actually notifies a person and prompts the user to try again. 

Sometimes, even with a stable internet, snaps fail to get sent. This maybe caused due to any glitch. It is always recommended to have the latest version installed. If the issue still persists, you may reinstall the SnapChat application.

How to Get Streaks Back on SnapChat

Snap streaks can be restored by contacting and appealing to SnapChat. They really appreciate your response and will help you get your streaks back if possible.

To contact SnapChat and restore your streaks, follow these steps:

  1. Go to SnapChat settings by clicking on the gear icon on your profile screen.
snapchat profile screen showing settings icon
  1. In the settings, under the support section click on “I need Help”. This will take you to SnapChat support page.
snapchat settings showing i need help option
  1. On the SnapChat support page, there will be different options available related to different problems. Click on “Snapstreaks” option under the popular topics heading. If you cannot find this option there, simply tap on the “How can we help?” search bar there and then select Snapstreaks from the drop down options which would appear.

You can also click on the “Contact Us” button down there to proceed.

snapchat support page showing snapstreaks and contact us option
  1. You will now be taken to the “I’ve lost my Snapstreaks” page. Press on “let us know” text which would appear in blue color in a clickable link form. Check the photo below for clarification. 

If on the previous step, you clicked on “Contact Us” button, then you would not see this page. Instead, you will be taken directly to the Contact Us page. Check the next step to proceed in this case.

i've lost my snapstreaks on snapchat
  1. On the Contact Us page, select the “I’ve lost my Snapstreak” option. This will open a form below on that page.
snapchat contact us option showing i have lost my snapstreaks option
contact form to restore snapstreaks - get streaks back

On this form, you will need to fill out some basic information for SnapChat to know about the issue.

Username and email fields might be auto filled. If not, write down your SnapChat username and the email you use for your account. Remember not to write any email that is not affiliated with your SnapChat account. Then write your mobile number and the phone/device you mostly use SnapChat on.

After that you will need to write the username of the person with whom you want to restore snap streaks. Unfortunately, you can only add the username of just 1 person, so if you have lost streaks with multiple people then you will have to do this procedure for each of them.

Add the date when you started having the issue. This can be the date when you last sent a streak to the other person. Then put the Snapstreak amount. If you do not remember it, just put your best guess here.

Under the “Did you see the timer icon?” option, SELECT NO.

Moreover, write briefly on why you lost your Snapstreak. You can just honestly tell them your internet was not working or the app glitched etc.

Now send the contact report to SnapChat and after review, they will most probably help you and reply to you on your email. Their response usually comes within 24 hours. Sometimes you might not receive an email from them.

Extra Tips and Suggestions:

To maximize your chances to get snap streak back, also ask the other person to follow this procedure and submit the issue to SnapChat.

You can also file this issue on a PC or from the browser by following the same steps mentioned above. In this case, visit the following: