How to Return YouTube Dislike Count on web

Return YouTube Dislikes
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In this article, we will be telling you how to return YouTube dislike count using a simple and easy to use extension from Chrome Store.

Why knowing the YouTube dislike count is important?

Are you a student looking for tutorials to study from? Or are you looking up for latest news and trends? Well YouTube definitely contains widespread information on almost all topics. This makes it hard to select the best possible video from the tons of options shown. Nobody really wants to waste time looking at irrelevant videos. 

Well, observing the like to dislike ratio under a video always provided a good judgement. Moreover, it was also a nice way to spot fake and clickbait reviews online. But since YouTube’s decision to make dislikes private, people now cannot see the audience feedback anymore.

How the Return YouTube Dislike extension work:

The good news is that we can still return YouTube dislike count. The most easiest and the fastest way to return YouTube dislikes on PC is to install a chrome extension. These extensions utilize the data collected before Google closed the dislike count. The dislike estimates might still not be 100% correct, but still the estimates they provide will be very close to the real number. Close enough to let you make an evaluation regarding the video you are about to watch.

Installing the extension:

There are multiple extensions available online. We will tell you about the most popular one available on chrome store.

Go to Chrome Store and search “return YouTube dislike” or click here to directly go there. Add the extension to your browser.

add return YouTube dislike extension

The extension will automatically return YouTube dislike count. Open any YouTube video to confirm.

If you still do not see the dislikes then the extension might not be enabled. Click at the three dots at the top right of your browser window and go to More tools >> Extensions or simply search “chrome://extensions” in the search bar if you are using Chrome browser. Now in the extensions page, confirm that the “Return YouTube Dislikes” extension is enabled. If not, then do turn it on. 

enable return YouTube dislike extension

Now that the extension is installed and enabled,  just go back to YouTube and refresh the page. After the page has reloaded, the dislikes count would be visible to you. 

As per the developers, they have stored data of more than 200 million YouTube videos and are continuously keeping up with all the upcoming videos to estimate dislikes with most probable accuracy. To learn more about this extension, you visit its GitHub page at 


  1. Go to Chrome Store
  2. Download the “Return YouTube Dislikes” extension
  3. Activate the extension
  4. Go back to YouTube and reload the page to see the dislike count.

Update: YouTube Lag Problem

Apparently some people who were using this Google Chrome extensions faced lag and screen freezes especially when playlisted were played. YouTube sometimes faces problem when third party extensions are used in it. It can happen because of any extension and not just because of this Return YouTube Dislike extension.

So, if you are also facing or have faced this YouTube freeze issue, then it is advisable to turn off any browser extensions related to YouTube.