How to Get AdSense Approved Quickly

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Ads are one of the most common sources to generate revenue using websites. There are a lot of services which allow website owners to monetize their content and, without any doubt, Google AdSense is the most popular among all of them with more than 40 million websites on the internet using this service. It maybe the top choice of content creators and bloggers but getting approved for AdSense is no easy job. Everyday thousands of websites are being created and content generation has been increasing ever since. With so many users, Google now prefers the best websites to get its AdSense program. Here are the top tips and improvements you should make to get AdSense approved for your website:

Have All the Required Pages

To get approved on Google AdSense, it is really important to have all the basic required pages on your website. Google says that these pages actually define your website and tells the audience about you. Following are those pages:

1. Contact Page

This page is highly necessary and so many people miss out its importance before applying for AdSense. Google wants the websites to have means of connection between the reader and the writer and ways so that people can seek assistance. You can make a form on your website for people to reach you out or just simply put your contact details there.

2. About Us Page

Another crucial page is the About Us page which basically defines your website and its purpose. This reinforces the legitimacy of your website and lets Google know about you from your own words.

3. Privacy Policy Page

A lot of people do not put a Privacy Policy page on their website because they don’t know what to include there. This hinders their chances to get quick AdSense approval as Google wants the websites to explain what you intend to do with user’s personal information and how you would be using third party vendors.

4. Disclaimer Page

Your website must convey to the visitors any disclaimer related to your products or services. This can any warnings or liabilities. It is really important to inform the users about it especially if your website deals with fields involving any risk factor like Crypto trading or betting etc.

Have Enough content

Before applying for AdSense, your website must have enough content on it to let Google know that you are dedicated and taking it seriously. Google won’t monetize your website if it does not find enough content. Your website needs to have a proper voice which can only be presented from content.

The more write the more the approval chances will increase. Although, there is no specific number of posts or word count which Google specifies as good amount, but it is highly recommended to have at least 20 – 25 posts and around 15,000 to 20,000 words on your website to increase your chances of approval.

Have Unique and High Quality Content

This is one of the most important aspects you must check before going for monetization. Google really emphasizes the importance of high quality content which must be unique. This is Google’s way to make sure that only the best websites and creators get their service. The advertisers really prefer to have their ads appear on content which is properly composed and worked upon instead of any spammy copy pasted articles. In simple words, well written and SEO optimized content is what Google expects from the content writers.

Website age

Although Google has not specified this in their AdSense Guidelines but for some countries this has been an important rejection factor. If you are from USA or any European country, this might not be a problem for you, but websites in India and China have previously been rejected on the basis that they were not at least 6 months old. Maybe Google does this to avoid any spam or fraud websites from getting onto the service.

So, it is recommended for you to wait until your website is at least 6 months. You can invest this time to write high quality content and work on your SEO.

Avoid Illegal Content

Your website will not get approval if it contains content which Google terms as illegal and goes against the guidelines of AdSense. This includes 18+ adult content, gambling, illegal hacking, casino or betting related content, guns and explosives, terrorism, unapproved pharmaceuticals, alcohol or tobacco products or content promoting drug usage.

Remove Other Ad Networks

As per Google’s terms and services, it is totally fine to have other ad networks along AdSense on your website but some websites, which were using these other ad networks, have been rejected by Google before. This shows that having other Ad networks working at the time of AdSense application process can have a negative impact on your chances. This is maybe because these ad networks can trigger multiple spammy ads and annoying pop ups which actually damages the user experience. Google really stresses on user experience and can reject your website due to these ad networks.

So, if you are about to apply on for Google AdSense approval, it is highly recommended to turn off all other Ad networks on your website.

Get a Top level domain

Having a top level domain (e.g., .com .org or .net) is really important and increments the chances of successfully getting the monetization program. If your website is hosted using a free domain then you won’t be able to get an approval. These free domains include the free Blogspot and Weebly subdomains.

Website Should be Based on Supported Languages

Google AdSense currently does not support all the languages. So, it is necessary for your website to be in one of those languages. Using any of the other languages would get you a straight away rejection from Google.

Supported languages include most of the widely spoken languages. For complete list, click here

Have Good SEO

Having a well optimized website is always good. Properly working on the On page SEO and Off page SEO can really increase your chances of getting AdSense approval quickly, as that content is considered of higher quality and Google highly encourages these websites.

Responsive and Clean Web Design

The appearance of a website does play an important here. Your website must have a clean and decent design. It must not be jampacked with too many elements in a small space. The content should be properly organized and the website should not look like an old 90s website with cluttered HTML. Instead, the theme must be responsive for all types of devices.

Moreover, it is also crucial for a website to have proper, clear and easy to find navigation for visitors to easily move around your website.

Don’t Make Appearance Changes during Verification Process

Now that you have applied for AdSense and the verification process has started. It is extremely important not to make major chances to your website. These include a change in your website’s theme, post URL, metadata and layout. After your website has been accepted, you are free to do it but not during the process.

Keep Posting during the Verification Process

Although appearance changes during the verification process should not be done, but it is a really good idea to keep posting new content during the verification process. This will show Google that you are active and dedicated to produce more content and as a result will increase your chances of getting approval for Google AdSense program.

Conclusion to Get AdSense Approval

Getting AdSense approval is not really that much hard. A person needs to be consistent and have Google Quality Guidelines in mind when working on his/her website. The approval process can take up to 14 days to complete and by following the tips mentioned in this post, the chances to get approved can be increased to a much successful level.