Here is How to Create Poll in WhatsApp Chat

creating poll in WhatsApp chat and group
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WhatsApp is the most used messaging app available over the internet and get nearly 2 billion users per month! That’s a huge number of users. It is although a feature rich app, but due to extreme demand and usage of WhatsApp, people now don’t just use it for messaging but other reasons too. Like video conferencing, making announcements and for business purposes. Recently Meta gave a little teaser that it would be releasing some new features and one of those features was creating poll in WhatsApp.

Some other rival apps (like Telegram) already provided the ability to add polls in chats. Keeping up the competition, WhatsApp has also now introduced this awaited feature to make poll in WhatsApp chat.

This can be done using the WhatsApp mobile app, WhatsApp desktop app and also WhatsApp web.

How to Create a Poll on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a really easy to use application and users can now easily add polls in their chats after WABetaInfo confirmed that WhatsApp will be rolling out the polls feature.

To send poll in WhatsApp, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the attachment option (pin icon) on the left side of the new message typing area.
  2. Attachment options menu will now open.  In the options, click on the polls icon.

Check the screenshots below for WhatsApp Mobile app, WhatsApp desktop app and WhatsApp web.

option to add poll on WhatsApp mobile app

3. After you click on the polls icon, you will be asked to add the poll question and the options.

writing question and options for the WhatsApp poll

4. After adding these details, hit the send button and your poll will be sent in the chat.

Features of Poll in WhatsApp

  1. Users can add up to 12 different options in their WhatsApp polls.
  2. People are allowed to choose more than 1 option.
  3. After the poll is sent, users are also allowed to view the vote results by clicking on the “View Details” button at the bottom of the poll. Note that any body in the group can view who voted for which option.
  4. WhatsApp poll can be sent in Group chats and even in individual chats.